The 26 Best Films of 2010 that I Didn’t See (Yet)

The Illusionist by Sylvain Shomet from Sony Pictures Classics

An image from the animated feature "The Illusionist" by Sylvain Shomet

I thought I had seen a lot of movies in 2010. I mean, sixty is a lot right? I’m not talking about on TV. I mean movies in actual theaters–with popcorn and a diet coke.

Except, I’ve discovered that I’m not quite the prolific movie-watcher I thought I was.

I started this blog because I figured I could stick with it. Blog what you love, right? And I love movies. In preparation for my first blog post, I thought of a topic: The Best Films of 2010. Sounded like the right place to start. I checked some of the critics’ lists of the best films of the year, thinking, if I’m going to pronounce judgement (i.e. The Year’s Best Films), then I better by gosh make sure I haven’t missed something important.

Well. I did miss some. Quite a few actually. Sure, I’ve seen “The Social Network,” “Black Swan,” “The King’s Speech”–all of which are included in most lists of the best films from 2010. But there are others.

So in full-blown-movie-geek-obsession-mode, I made a list of notable 2010 films from ten major U.S. film critic groups, including the NY Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the National Board of Review, the Florida Film Critics Circle and others. I included top film picks or finalists in their major categories (best picture, best foreign film, best acting, writing, documentaries, etc.) The compiled list has 55 movies. I saw 29 of them. So the end result is: I have some movies to watch. Yes, I was disappointed. But my punishment is I now have to watch 25 26 acclaimed movies. Life could be worse.

So here we go. I plan to blog about movies.The 25 26 movies from 2010 that I missed (if I can see them all), but other films too. Old movies. New movies. Upcoming movies. Classics. Documentaries. Foreign films. Great Films. Awful Films. B-Movies. Talkies. Silents. Guilty Pleasures. And other stuff too. And maybe, sometime in 2011, I’ll also post my list of The Best Films of 2010. Stay tuned.

Oh. Here are the 25 26 as yet unseen “best” flicks on my list: “Animal Kingdom,” “Another Year,” “Biutiful,” “Blue Valentine,” “Carlos,” “Conviction,” “Dogtooth,” “Fish Tank,” “Of Gods and Men,” “Greenberg,” “The Illusionist,” “Incendies,” “Last Train Home,” “Lebanon,” “Life, Above All,” “Marwencol,” “A Prophet,” “Rabbit Hole,” “Restrepo,” “Somewhere,” “Soul Kitchen,” “The Tillman Story,” “Vincere,” “Waiting for Superman,” “White Material” and “Youth in Revolt.”

Update: I added one film to the list based on the National Society of Film Critics awards and changed the number of unseen films from 25 to 26.

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